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Give Me a Soldier….

Another thing about science-fiction films–no film genre did more to glorify the military. In countless films the military joined hands with science to vanquish all sorts of threats–aliens, zombies, revived dinosaurs–and this pattern was set early. In “The Thing from … Continue reading

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Yes, but where is the “Science”?

A while back I wrote about an important year for the film genre that we call “Science-Fiction.” It was 1951 and two very different films were competing for box-office glory. “Destination Moon” was a serious look at how a manned … Continue reading

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“The Bad Son”–a Westerns Archetype

One of the pleasures of long-lived film genres with deep roots is the variety of stock situations and character archetypes that they generate.  “The bad son,” as a type may not be as well-known as “the town-tamer” or “the gunfighter” … Continue reading

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