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Heat-Haze Review

I’ve just finished watching Seijun Suzuki’s “Taisho Trilogy” and I still feel like some its characters–befuddled, bewildered and enchanted. These three films, all of them set in Japan during the short-lived Taisho period–a period roughly corresponding in spirit, though not … Continue reading

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Ah, Sweet Futility

Re-watching “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” last night reminds me once again that John Huston, like most great artists, had an over-arching theme that inspired him. Unfortunately for his chances of being popularly acclaimed as A Great Director, his … Continue reading

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Good Try: “The Woman Who Came Back.”

CAUTION: Contains “spoilers.” Producer-director Walter Colmes wasn’t Val Lewton and Republic Pictures wasn’t R.K.O., but “The Woman Who Came Back” (1945) is still a good stab at duplicating the Lewton formula of atmosphere and mood over fake-fur and fangs. This … Continue reading

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